"I have been impressed with Warren's work in the area of social media -- not surprisingly he has anticipated the benefits of this new way of communicating and is helping his clients realize those benefits. I wholeheartedly recommend Warren!"

Heather Spidell, Manager, Corporate Communications, Maritime Life

"Warren Weeks, John Perenack and Mark Fieldhouse launched a Facebook page (www.patburns.ca) in March supporting the induction of Burns, a three-time coach of the year and Stanley Cup champion who is battling cancer. It garnered media attention across North America and within two weeks had more than 50,000 members and has continued to grow since." - Inside Halton, June 24, 2010

"A Facebook campaign to get cancer-stricken coach Pat Burns into the Hockey Hall of Fame has more than 10,000 supporters in just five days." - The Toronto Sun, March 30, 2010

Social Media Speaking, Consulting & Training

Eleven PR founder Warren Weeks with social media celebrity Gary Vaynerchuk at the SoMix 2012 conference in Toronto in July 2012Eleven PR founder Warren Weeks is a sought-after speaker on the topic of social media and how organizations can use these new tools to create long-lasting and valuable connections with their key audiences. 

If your current social media providers refer to themselves as 'ninjas', 'gurus' or 'jedis', you have reason to be concerned. At Eleven PR, we understand that social media is still in its early days, as people and organizations try to figure out how to use these relatively new tools like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in the most effective manner possible. 

At the same time, if you think this whole 'social media' thing is a fad, think again. If your organization isn't there today, it will be. Whether it's two months from now or five years from now. This is the new paradigm. Still not convinced? Think back to the days when you swore you would never have a cell phone. Or a personal Facebook page. Today, virtually all of us have both and use them every day.

Contrary to what the 'Old Spice' guy would have you believe, social media isn't a 'campaign'. It's a never-ending dialogue with your stakeholders. It's difficult to do it properly. But the potential upside is incredible. 

Connect with us about developing an effective social media strategy for your business. We'll help you avoid some of the most common social media mistakes, like:

  • Using Twitter and Facebook like a fire hose, spraying your audience with 'push' messages,
  • Failing to engage in real, two-way conversations with your audience members,
  • Neglecting your social media platforms,
  • Trying to control the conversation,
  • Sticking your head in the sand in times of crisis,
  • Worrying solely about your number of followers rather than the level of engagement,
  • Freaking out when people say something negative about your products or services, and
  • Not having a plan.

Lessons learned inside a viral social media program

In March of 2010, we created a Facebook group (www.patburns.ca) to get former NHL coach Pat Burns (who has terminal cancer) inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. This wasn't a client-related project. We did it because we're hockey fans and nice human beings. It was the right thing to do. But we used our PR and media relations skills to generate profile for the group. Within three weeks, the group attracted 72,000 members and generated more than $2 million of earned media coverage from outlets including Hockey Night in Canada, CBC.ca, the New York Times, Globe and Mail, National Post, Montreal Gazette, Fan 590, The Sports Network (TSN), CTV Sportsnet, Coast to Coast with Don Cherry, Team 990, Ottawa Citizen, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, CHCH TV, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, AM 640, Yahoo Sports and many more.

We have hands-on experience creating a wide range of social media programs for organizations in diverse sectors. We can deliver you a sound, thoughtful social media strategy that will help you connect with your key audiences in an authentic and meaningful way. To get you started, check out our popular blog post titled, "You're Fired": The top 5 risks of using Twitter.

And for some insights into our approach to social media, here's a presentation that Eleven PR principal Warren Weeks gave in 2011 at a Canadian Institute conference in Toronto...